Is HR Analytics Lagging Behind? – A Call for Cross-functional and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Domain-specific Analytics Research

XXXI Congreso Internacional de ACEDE

By Jiarui Yin, Vicenc Fernandez in type:conference theme:business_analytics

June 20, 2022


An academic presentation about the need of cross-functional and interdisciplinary collaboration in domain-specific analytics research.


June 20 – 21, 2021


12:00 AM


Barcelona (Spain)


XXXI Congreso Internacional de ACEDE

By comparing the current research in business analytics applied in supply chain, marketing, finance, and human resources (HR), this study analyzes and compares the current state of research in the four domains and highlights the gaps that deserve further attention. We use a mixed approach, including science mapping and categorization. There are three main findings in the study. 1) Cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing are scarce among the analytics research in the four business domains. 2) Research on domain-specific analytics is mainly done by business researchers with little participation from departments such as computer science and statistics, and the presence of companies is also limited. 3) Current research on HR analytics is mostly conceptual studies and highly skewed to using qualitative methods on qualitative data. We encourage researchers from different types of analytics to collaborate and invite academics from disciplines such as computer science and statistics and companies to join the research on domain-specific analytics, providing new perspectives and insights to yield high-quality research with substantial implications.

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June 20, 2022
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type:conference theme:business_analytics
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