Exploring data conditions to improve business performance

By Didier Grimaldi, Vicenc Fernandez & Carlos Carrasco in type:paper theme:business_analytics


Grimaldi, D.; Fernandez, V.;Carrasco, C. (2021). Exploring data conditions to improve business performance. Journal of the Operational Research Society 72(5), 1087-1098, Print ISSN 0160-5682, Online ISSN 1476-9360


Past researches drew from the industrial organization perspective have examined the role of the data to generate competitive advantage. Their analysis show data is a valuable resource that can leverage business partnerships, vertical integration, or diversification. The emergence of data science has created new opportunities to understand better clients’ needs and to manage more efficiently the organizations’ processes. Nevertheless, if data analytics represent an enormous potential, many organizations are still looking the conditions to obtain value from them. Our study contributes to this topical subject analysing the relationship between different combinations of data conditions and the company performance that we measure through the Customer management and Provider operations efficiency. Our methodology is novel compared to previous researches which are based in linear algebra. It is based on the use of a fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA) which allows to reveal multiple paths to achieve the possible outcomes. Our results show that the consistency, completeness, and protection of the data along with a data-driven company profile are different possible solutions to a better Customer management and Provider operations efficiency. Our conclusions allow practitioners to uncover the strength of the data in the hopes of solving many of their business performance concerns.

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January 1, 2021
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type:paper theme:business_analytics
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