Tackling the HR digitalization challenge - key factors and barriers to HR analytics adoption

By Vicenc Fernandez & Eva Gallardo-Gallardo in type:paper theme:workforce_analytics


Fernandez, V.; Gallardo-Gallardo, E. (2021). Tackling the HR digitalization challenge - key factors and barriers to HR analytics adoption. Competitiveness Review - An International Business Journal 31(1), 162-187, ISSN 1059-5422



This paper aims to contribute to the literature on human resources (HR) digitalization, specifically on HR analytics, disentangling the concept of analytics applied to HR and explaining the factors that hinder companies from moving to analytics. Therefore, the central research questions addressed in this study are: what does HR analytics encompass? What impedes the adoption of analytics in HR within organizations?


The authors performed a comprehensive literature review on analytics as applied in HR. The authors relied on two of the major multidisciplinary publication databases (i.e. Scopus and WoS). A total of 64 manuscripts from 2010 to 2019 were content analyzed.


The results reveal that there is an ongoing confusion on HR analytics conceptualization. Yet, it seems that there is an emerging consensus on what HR analytics encompasses. The authors have identified 14 different barriers for HR analytics adoption grouped into four categories, namely, data and models, software and technology, people and management. Grounding on them the authors propose a set of 14 key factors to help to successfully adopt HR Analytics in companies.


This paper brings clarity over the conceptualization of HR analytics by offering a comprehensive definition. Additionally, it facilitates business and HR leaders in making informed decisions on adopting and implementing HR analytics. Moreover, it assists HR researchers in positioning their paper more explicitly in current debates and encouraging them to develop some future avenues of research departing from some questions posed.

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January 1, 2021
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type:paper theme:workforce_analytics
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