«Social Media and Organizational Behavior/HRM/Organizational Psychology:  New Avenues and Empirical Advances»

Track chairs:

Steven G. Rogelberg, editor-in-cheaf, University of North Carolina Charlotte


Vicenc Fernandez, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


Social media is fundamentally changing the nature of work, communication, collaboration, business, and organizations.  In this special feature we seek to highlight research that examines the social media movement (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Second Life, LinkedIn, Youtube) and how it intersects, affects and impacts key phenomena associated with organizational behavior, organizational psychology and human resources management.  Most notably, this includes the impact of social media on:

  • –       Recruitment and selection
  • –       Socialization and onboarding
  • –       Training and development
  • –       Knowledge sharing
  • –       Teleworking
  • –       Individual performance
  • –       Creativity and problem solving
  • –       Organizational attitudes, climate and culture
  • –       Organizational culture
  • –       Leadership
  • –       Employee citizenship and deviance
  • –       Work/non-work/family balance

Key notes:

We are interested in empirical research on social media related to the above topics rather than conceptual and theoretical pieces. Papers examining organizational research methods and social media are welcome.

We are also not seeking case studies or best practices types of articles. We are not interested in research that examines social media’s impact on branding, marketing, advertising, economics, legal issues, customers, and firm performance.  Stated differently, only papers that tie clearly to the listed above will be considered.

All papers must follow APA style guidelines.

Manuscripts should be submitted first to INBAM conference web site (The INBAM general site is www.inbam.net. Submission deadline is 15th February 2014.

Authors who present their papers at the INBAM conference may be asked to submit their manuscripts to JBP. However, acceptance at the conference does not guarantee that the manuscripts will be accepted for publication in the journal. All manuscripts submitted to JBP will be reviewed by two subject matter experts, and the guest editors.